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Drupal (EN)


Installing Drupal is easy. Installing Drupal on VUB hosting is hardly more difficult.

  1. upload the Drupal source tree using a method of your preference (uploading files over SFTP or uploading a zip file or tarbal and extracting it in an SSH session).
  2. You will need to make a few adjustements (the Drupal installer will point these out to you as well):
    1. Create the subdirectory sites/default/files, and make it group writeable as explained in File Management.
    2. Copy the file sites/default/settings.default.php to sites/default/settings.php and make is group writeable as well. After installation, you can make it inwriteable by the group again.
  3. In the next step "database configuration", you will need to open the "advanced options" part to enter the database host. There is no database running on the local host.

Applying updates

By far the most efficient way to apply updates to Drupal is to use Drush. Drush is a command line shell to administer Drupal installations. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with Drush.

We have installed both Drush version 7 and 8 on the web server. The commands are simply




All it takes to update the Drupal code and apply database schema changes is one command:

 drush7 pm-update

For a complete reference on Drush functionality and commands, see:

Drupal (NL)